Senator Liz Lovelett is coming to Moran State Park

Sunday May 5th 11am – 12pm at the Cascade Lake Picnic Shelter

Credit to Katharine Williams Photography

Newly appointed Senator Lovelett is coming to Moran State Park to meet our community. She will talk about the importance of Moran State Park and our state parks in general. Come and meet our new Senator and bring your questions!

More information on Senator Lovelett can be found on the website at:

Friends of Moran

Friends of Moran, Supporters of the Moran State Park is a volunteer,  non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to support park staff as they manage Moran State Park. We strive to enhance the visitor experience by providing educational opportunities related to the cultural, historical and natural environments at the park

Friends uses the proceeds from our tiny gift shop located at the summit of Mount Constitution and donations we collect or  grant opportunities we have pursued to fill-in gaps where state funding fails.

We recruit, enroll, and coordinate volunteer support for park maintenance, educational outreach, and restoration of buildings, landscapes and facilities, as well as organize special events such as our annual park cleanup.