Sandra Talt is the current president of the organization. She enjoys hiking with her dog in the park.

Jackie Daigle is the reason why the Friends of Moran’s tiny Summit Gift Shop is stuffed with gifts you can’t resist. She shares her vast merchandising experience with Friends. Jackie enjoys spending time.

Elsie Pamuk loves being in the park, especially greeting people at the gift shop.



Barbara Buman is a founding member of Friends of Moran. She loves giving back to the park and has served as park aide, office assistant, handy person, & restoration artist. She finds time to relax by fishing or going for a swim in one of the park’s many lakes. Barbara recently rejoined the Board of Directors to take on the challenge of gathering more volunteers and asks, “Are you ready to give back you your park?”

If you would like to give back to your park please contact us. We have a variety of tasks you could do to help. Thanks.