Straight from Kate

Your guide to park etiquette…

DEAR KATE: Is it ok to celebrate our anniversary with champagne in the Southend Campground picnic shelter? We’d like to celebrate our happiness with the whole campground!


DEAR HAPPILY MARRIEDS: First, let me say, congratulations! Moran State Park is a wonderful place to celebrate an anniversary. Thank you for considering the park!

All picnic shelters at Moran State Park are considered picnic sites where, under the state law, alcohol may be consumed by those 21 and older.

The Southend picnic shelter is one of our smaller shelters. To protect the privacy of our reservation holders, the Southend loop is only available to visitors who have reserved a campsite at that loop.

As the most popular loop in the park, reservations open nine months in advance, and summer weekends fill up fast. With limited parking close to the campground, I suggest reserving a campsite in that loop for access to the shelter. And keep your celebration to a limited number of guests.

Please be respectful of other campers in the loop. Some may be glad to participate in the fun, but not everyone may be interested in such an event. Many campers come to nature for peace and quiet.

You may also consider one of the park’s other picnic shelters for your anniversary celebration. The Cascade Lake day use shelter can be reserved online for about 50 people at picnic tables and has a fireplace. This is our most popular space for receptions, birthday parties and reunion celebrations.



Park questions answered by Kate Weatherford, Moran Ranger Office